Our mission is to help provide quality treatment to highly motivated individuals that lack financial capability, and to provide financial assistance to charitable organizations dedicated to serving the recovery community.


A south Texas native, David is a businessman who primarily engages in real estate, agriculture, and oil and gas investments; however, he also has a deep passion for addiction recovery.

David has been in the Addictions Recovery business since 1993. Personally attending a successful long-term treatment program inspired him to “pay it forward” and open a rehab center of his own. Burning Tree was founded by David in 1999, and now has facilities in Kaufman and Elgin, Texas, and Tucson, Arizona. Burning Tree continues to effectively serve clients suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.

David remains an active part of the recovery community by supporting several addiction treatment-based organizations, and by launching Burning Tree Foundation, Inc.

Paulo Jacuzzi is the CEO for Jason International, Inc. located in North Little Rock, Arkansas. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management with a minor in Marketing through the University of Arkansas.

He was born to an American family while they were living in Brazil. Being part of a large family with five siblings, the house was always full of family and friends. He began to see some extended family members and family friends struggle with chemical dependency. Like most people, he perceived chemical dependency as a problem of being weak willed. Perseverance and being “strong willed” were qualities Paulo held in high regard, that is until he himself became chemically dependent.

Paulo was fortunate enough to have the financial resources to attend Burning Tree Recovery in 2001. “Being able to participate in treatment at Burning Tree played a pivotal role in giving me the joy of sobriety and giving back” says Paulo. After completing the program at Burning Tree, he went on to found the first of Burning Tree’s Sober Living Houses and worked as Burning Tree’s Director of Admissions for two years before returning to his family’s business.

During his tenure as Director of Admissions for Burning Tree, he fielded calls from families and individuals who were seeking treatment for themselves or a loved one. If the caller wasn’t looking for long term treatment or didn’t have resources, he worked to pair them with the help they desperately needed. “It was painful to not be able to help people especially when they had the most valuable element of recovery… willingness” says Paulo.

“Being on the Board of Burning Tree Foundation is a great joy. Not only does it provide a tax deductible avenue for supporting individuals who seek treatment, it also means someone will have a chance at having a life beyond the shackles of their disease.”

Paulo and his wife Jennifer live in Little Rock, Arkansas. He enjoys time relaxing with family, traveling with friends, and spending time at the firing range.

Burning Tree Alumni 2007
sobriety date 11/4/06

Prior to finding Burning Tree Ranch, I was a chronic relapser in and out of treatment centers, jails, and living on the streets in a hopeless state of mind and body. Burning Tree Ranch taught me how to live again, and helped lay down the foundation for long term recovery. The gift of sobriety that was given to me by my higher power, AA, and Burning Tree Has opened up so many doors for me and my family. I was able to graduate college, start an amazing family with my wife (also a Burning Tree alum), and pursue my love for nursing and medicine. Due to my gratitude for the gift of life that Burning Tree has given me, I continue to sponsor guys who come through BTR, and now have the honor to serve on the board of the Burning Tree Foundation. Burning Tree is truly an amazing place, and my family and I will forever be grateful for its existence.

Burning Tree Alumni 2007
Sobriety Date- 3/28/06

Prior to being a client at Burning Tree I had been to several treatment centers, jail, and was homeless on the streets of Chicago. I was broken and hopeless. I spent 14 months at Burning Tree and it changed my life forever. It helped me learn how to be an active part of a community. It was the place I found a foundation of recovery and that I couldn’t life on my own without a Higher Power and AA. I am Forever grateful for the gift of life that Burning Tree has given me. I am now able to be the Wife, Mother, Sister, and friend God wants me to be.

I am honored to be on the board for the Burning Tree Foundation. Burning Tree was the place I was Reborn and wish everyone the same experience that I had And the life it has given me. Forever Grateful.

Susan lives in Austin and loves what She gets to do!
Most important is that she was a person at Burning Tree Recovery in 1999 and “I am sober to this day.. It changed my life and is a great one.”

She works today at American Youth Works in Austin and is on the Board of the Cliff Antone Foundation. She works with Antone’s nightclub as well

Being a member of Burning Tree Foundation is a gift.


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